Quick Post: Zombie Cells (But they’re really not)

Hi Dear Reader, 

I just wanted to bring to your attention an interesting little piece of news — one that I find frustratingly titled. I first saw this on a huffington post article, and I refer you there for the details.

The huffpost article commits one of my pet peeves — it uses the word ‘zombie’ as an advertising gimmick (this happens sometimes when trying to broaden the appeal of scientific research and it just angers me, for all the reasons you could imagine as a reader of this blog). 

The article is about a study that effectively created functioning silicon replicas of living cells — to me this is a form of cloning, they should definitely be called doppelganger cells well before they are called zombie cells.

The actual research is interesting, cool, and mildly terrifying if you have a tendency to lean towards imagine the darker (rather than the brighter) future.



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