Patenting Genes — A Topic To Follow

I am still planning on doing a second post on my trip to Vietnam, but I’ve been a bit busy working on the dissertation and some other time-sensitive things lately.’

In the meantime, I thought I’d pass on some news that we should be watching:

Yes, the supreme court will soon be hearing a case about whether or not gene patentability is constitutional.

This is quite frankly, to put it bluntly, messed up.

Apparently patenting genes is and has been quite a booming industry, but as this article makes clear very early, the business side of this really murks up the ethical side. 

From a biopolitical standpoint, this is extremely interesting and we’ll see whether the supreme court finds that patenting human genetic material (aka owning the rights to DNA sequences inside living, human beings as intellectual property) is constitutional in the U.S.

Definitely a topic to follow.

I don’t know much about this practice or its scope, but I’ll try to learn a bit more about it in the coming weeks and write another post some time this spring on the Supreme Court’s ruling and critiquing gene patenting a bit more (again… when I’m more informed).

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