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Hi Dear Reader,

Sorry about the blog hiatus. Don’t worry, I’ve been busy. I’m working on three brief reviews to put up — Paranorman (2012), World War Z (2013, film), and A Questionable Shape (2013). I’ve probably seen a few more zombie films since the last post, but Paranorman and WWZ stand out enough in my memory to merit review. I also just finished reading Bennett Sims’ zombie novel, A Questionable Shape, which I have mixed feelings about, but think does some very interesting and original things.

So, expect brief posts on all of those in the near future.

I’ve also been getting my critical read on — read a couple textbooks on Immunology, read most of Georges Canguilhem’s Knowledge of Life (Forms of Living), and about the first quarter of his The Normal and the Pathological.

I’ll probably do a fourth post that briefly addresses what I think is valuable in his work for the contemporary moment (teaser: a lot).

If you enjoy reading this blog, you’ll be happy to know I have an article forthcoming in Literature and Medicine — it should be out this fall. I also have an article forthcoming in “We’re All Infected”: The Walking Dead and The Fate of the Human, due out in 2014 from McFarland.

I also finished a draft of the second chapter of my dissertation — tentative chapter title: “Exceptional Defense”. 

It’s also worth mentioning that I’ve cleaned up the CV on this site to reflect my recent involvement with the Journal of Supernatural Studies — I had a brief stint as Editorial Assistant for an issue and have just joined the Editorial Board.

So, forgive the delay in writing. Now that I’ve got you up to speed, I can get working on those reviews for you.


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