A Working Man, A Working Man Keeps on Working

Hi again there, Dear Reader,

Just a quick note. I started training at my two new jobs this week and it has been kind of intense. I’m training three days a week as a bartender at the Mercury Lounge in Goleta, which is super fun and really satisfying — when I’m not screwing up!

I’ve also just started getting oriented to become the new Graduate Student Funding Peer, a position involving UCSB’s Grad Div and consists largely of planning and holding workshops, offering 1-on-1 advice, and contributing to the gradpost (a blog and newsletter for graduate students at UCSB).

So I will, indeed, start blogging in another place: http://gradpost.ucsb.edu/

I’m really excited to start these two new jobs — and I’ll give you some more updates when I’m done training and things are a bit more settled.

I’m pretty poor, so the money will be nice, but that really and truly is just a bonus for me. I love the kind of administrative work that goes into the Funding Peer position and I think it will be a great way to meet — and to help — other people in the UCSB graduate community. It will also be a great way to work on my blogging — so you, dear reader, should also benefit!

The Mercury Lounge (or The Merc as many people in the area affectionately refer to it) has been my favorite bar in the SB area for a while, so I am super excited to be spending more time there — and not getting super fat and super poor drinking tons of beer. It’s also going to be a really great way to learn about what goes into running a bar, which might be handy in the distant future, as I have a close friend who wants to open a brewery, a friend who has intense culinary training and experience, and several friends and acquaintances who are fans of great beer (microbrewery retirement project?).

Just an update.

Life just got a lot more challenging, exhausting, and exciting!

Thanks for reading.

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