Book Review Number 1: Colson Whitehead’s _Zone One_

At a glance:

Hardcover, from Doubleday Press, 259 pages, Print

Positive: strong finish, broad vocabulary, interesting take on post-apocalyptic economy

Negative: tries too hard, narrative structure (intentionally but maybe not successfully) convoluted, flashbacks and episodes longer (and less interesting in most cases) than linear plot

Rating: Better than okay.

Fans of zombie fiction: this book is worth a chance, but you have to meet it halfway… actually you have to meet it slightly more than that, that’s when it starts to get good.

If I could speak to the author: Colson Whitehead, though you will likely never read this: thank you. Despite being skeptical (read: picky and harsh) at first, I was won over by the thought that went into this novel. Though it takes you a while to hit your stride, when you get there you produce a gem in an otherwise dull landscape.

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