University of California – Santa Barbara
PhD, English, March 2015
MA, English, October 2010

University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
BALAS, English and Psychology, May 2008


Areas: Literature and Medicine, Health Humanities, History of Medicine, Critical Theory

My research examines how biomedicalized othering, as emphasized in discourses of monstrosity and dysgeny, has been historically deployed to justify violence. I am particularly interested in studying how medical language is deployed to sanction and obscure violences that are racialized, sexualized, and abled. Methodologically, this puts in dialog: the Health Humanities, Postcolonial Studies, and Critical Studies of Race, Gender, and Sexuality.  My goal is to reframe how we think about the social and cultural dimensions health, and how the discourse and practice of health restructures sociocultural dimensions of power.


“Vulnerable Life: Zombies, Global Biopolitics, and the Reproduction of Structural Violence.” Special Issue “Race, Politics, and the Humanities in an Age of Posts.” Ed. Myra Mendible. Humanities V. 5, N. 3 (Fall 2016).

“Burying the Living with the Dead: Security, Survival, and the Sanction of Violence.” “We’re All Infected”: The Walking Dead and the Fate of the Human. Ed. Dawn Keetley. McFarland, 2014. p 41-55.

“Insecure Lives: Zombies, Global Health, and the Totalitarianism of Generalization.” Literature and Medicine. Vol. 31, No. 2, Fall 2013. p 216-234.

World War Z: Zombie Swarms and the Acceptance of ‘the New Chronic.’” Book Review. Monsters and the Monstrous. Vol. 3, No. 2, November 2013. p 123-126.

Teaching Experience

Lecturer at University of Michigan

Freshpersons Reading Seminar, Summer 2020

RC Core First Year Seminar, Fall 2019

Writing and Academic Inquiry, Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Fall 2019

Reading and Writing Seminar: Insiders and Outsiders, Summer 2019


Full-Time, Tenure Track Instructor at Rio Hondo College

Introduction to Literature (Decolonial Thought and Writing Empire), Summer 2017, Fall 2017

Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking (Intro to Health Humanities), Summer 2017

Short Stories, Spring 2017

College Composition and Research, Winter 2017, Spring 2017, Fall 2017



College Composition and Research, Rio Hondo College, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Summer 2016

Developmental Composition and Research, Rio Hondo College, Spring 2016

College Writing Seminar: Imagining Contagion, Whittier College, Fall 2015

American Literature 1900-Present, UC Santa Barbara, Spring 2015

Science Fiction: The Limits of the Human, UC Santa Barbara, Spring 2015


As Graduate Student at UCSB:

Associate Instructor

Introduction to Literary Study, Summer 2013

Cultures of Infection, Fall 2012

Detective Fiction, Summer 2011 and 2012

Academic Writing, 5 terms: Academic Year 2009-2010; Winter 2011, Summer 2011

Professional Experience


Indexer, Gamer Trouble, monograph by Amanda Phillips from NYU Press, forthcoming April 2020

Co-Editor, Assemblages (Student Essay Collection at Rio Hondo College), Fall 2017

Invited Peer Review, Literature and Medicine, Summer 2014

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Supernatural Studies, Summer 2013 – Summer 2015

Editorial Assistant, Journal of Supernatural Studies, Spring 2013


Programming, Event Planning

Co-Chair, Rio Hondo College “Assemblages” Undergraduate Essay Conference, Fall 2017

Programming Chair, Rio Hondo College, Student Equity Peer Group, Spring 2017

Programming Chair, Last Chance for Humanity Film Series, UC Santa Barbara, 2011 – 2015

Research Fellow, Center on Modern Literature, Materialism, and Aesthetics, UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2011

Graduate Co-Chair, Joyce + Beckett Conference Organizational Committee, UC Santa Barbara, Winter 2011

Research Assistant, Center on Modern Literature, Materialism, and Aesthetics, Fall 2009 –Spring 2010


Design Team Member, Communications, Comprehensive Studies Program, Fall 2018

Faculty Representative, Student Success and Support Program Committee, Spring-Fall 2017

Faculty Representative, Honors Transfer Advisory Committee, Fall 2017

Recorder, Communications and Languages Division, Rio Hondo College, Spring-Fall 2017

Recorder, English Department, Rio Hondo College, Spring-Fall 2017

English Instructor, Summer Bridge Program, Rio Hondo College, Summer 2017

Faculty Supervisor for Learning Assistance Center, Fall 2016

Volunteer Mentor, Whittier Boys & Girls Club, Fall 2016

Student Representative, English Department Council of Graduate Students, 2008 – 2015

Co-Lead TA, English Department TA Training and Development, 2011 – 2013

Funding Peer Advisor, Graduate Division and Gradpost, Winter 2013

Co-Chair, Council of Graduate Students, 2012


Conferences and Guest Lectures

Organizer and/or Moderator

“Creating Disciplines, Disciplining Creativity,” Roundtable, SLSA, November 2016

“Decolonizing Across the Disciplines: Bodies, Biopolitics, and Situated Knowledges,” Panel, NWSA, November 2016

“Biopolitical Modernities: Empire and Biological Governance in the Long Twentieth Century,” Panel, ACLA, March 2016

“Virtual Bodies, Material Effects: Medical Technology, Biopolitics, and the Occlusion of Alterity,” Panel, SLSA, November 2015

“Contamination and Quarantine,” Seminar, ACLA, March 2015

“Contagion and Quarantine,” Roundtable, SLSA, October 2014

“Panel #2” (on Feminists and Irish Culture) Panel, SCISC, October 2014

“Poetics of Fascism 2,” Seminar, ACLA, March 2014


“Life Out of Time: Tactical Life and Pathological Unhealthiness as Political Resistance,” SLSA, November 2017

“Un/Disciplining Theory,” SLSA, November 2016

“‘To cleanse them from pollution’: Medicine, Race, and Degeneration in Dracula and Biopolitics,” ACLA, March 2016

“In the Name of Security: Biopolitics, Race, and the Sanction of Violence,” ASA, Toronto, November 2015

“Decolonialism, Medicine, and Provincialized Biopolitics,” SLSA, Houston, November 2015

“Viral Control: W.S. Burroughs and the Auto-Poietics of Power,” ACLA, Seattle, March 2015

“(Un)Healthy Competition: Video Games and the Mediation of Neoliberal Structures of

Feeling,” ASA, Los Angeles, November 2014

“Nation, Race, and Quarantine,” SLSA, Dallas, October 2014

“Forged in the Blood of the State: Biopolitics, State Racism, and Fascism,” ACLA, New

York, March 2014

“Embodying Value: Differential Valuations of Life and Labor in the Global Market,” Santa

Barbara Global Studies Conference, Santa Barbara, March 2014.


Guest Lectures

“Biopolitics, Biopower, and Digital Labor in Linda Nagata’s The Bohr Maker,” Digital Labor: Race, Gender, and Technology in Literature and Film, January 2016.

“Writing, Reading, and Making Selves in Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia,” Introduction to Literary Study, February 2015

“‘The Dead’: Joyce, Huston, and Adaptation, A Brief Introduction,” Introduction to Literary

Study, May 2014.